Relax with a Vegan Vibe


This holiday experience to Jamaica is packed with numerous activities you do not want to miss. From arrival to departure, it is fun all the way as you shall experience first-hand a Jamaican plant-based lifestyle.



We have partnered with the spiritually connected Jazmin Porter to offer a delicate balance of yoga and meditation sessions in the morning and evenings throughout our event. We are constantly on the go whether it be in our day to day lives or on holiday. We never really have the time to truly connect with one another or even ourselves. These session will help our guests feel energised in the mornings whilst becoming calm and relaxed in the evenings, as well as being ready for another day of sun, sea and a vegan adventure.


We have partnered with the inspirational entrepreneur Melody Kane to offer our guests a fantastic unique fitness experience, with her very own ‘NO KANE NO GAIN WORKOUT’ which is a mix of DJing, fitness instructors and MCs. Be thoroughly entertained, worked-out and pumped up all at the same time.  Aside from the fitness, Melody is also a world renowned international DJ, which she will also be DJing for some of our activities such as the welcome party. So be ready to enjoy yourself and have the time of your life!


Lion House

Lion House is a tropical paradise whose trail will take you on a magical journey where you will experience the abundance and beauty of nature; magic that is intangible, yet real enough for you to feel it running deep through your veins. This place promotes the Rasta movement and offers you an experience to have an insight into the Rastafarian lifestyle.

Participants will take a long walk along “The Gully” which is mostly hills and gullies filled with an abundance of different exotic plants and trees such as Soursap, Aloe Vera and Moringa to name a few! Participants will be allowed to pick some leaves and fruits to take back with them after enjoying the amazing views and atmosphere of the walk.

A visit will be made to the much famous “Farm of Mahlon”. This farm houses a variety of different foods, grown using natural methods, according to the moon cycles and astrological cycles. These methods have been passed down over generations. A talk will be given on how Mahlon farm uses these methods, giving you an insight into how some of our ancestors farmed.

After the tour and experience at The Gully and The Farm of Mahlon, participants will retire to The Lion House for a meal freshly made from Mahlon farm ingredients, refreshments and entertainment before returning to the hotel.

Old Spanish Bridge Followed By BINGHI Session 

The memorizing and tranquil location known as Old Spanish Bridge is a beautiful secret gem of Jamaica, without the heavy commercialization that exists with many other attractions. Built in the 17th century prior to Jamaica becoming a British territory; The bridge is neatly situated between St Ann and St Mary’s parishes and is one of the lasting indicators of Spanish colonization in the White River Valley area.

This trip is one of our relaxation spots where you can see a different side to Jamaica. Enjoy the breath taking scenic route towards the destination; upon arrival you will have the choice to walk along the river and explore, or if brave enough drive into the water straight from the bridge or just to relax and take in the natural beauty, wildlife and sun that Jamaica has to offer. On top of this there will be music and drinks provided for you to thoroughly enjoy your time.

After you have been re-energised by the sun and fully hydrated by the river. Once back at the hotel we will enjoy a cultural BINGHI session, that has been done for many generations within the Rastafarian community. This includes drums, chanting and dancing which you are more than welcome to join in! As it creates an amazing atmosphere and is a brilliant end to the evening.

Private Beach Day

Just like any other Jamaican holiday, participants will not be denied the opportunity to take a trip to a beautiful Jamaican beach for everyone to unwind and relax. A trip to the beach will offer you the chance to soak up some Caribbean sun and enjoy the fantastic scenery very common in Jamaica.

Cool Blue Hole

The famous Cool Blue Hole is a beautiful secluded place in Ocho Rios which, unlike a typical beach, offers some experiences the beach does not offer. With its location being up in the mountain away from the bustling touristy Ocho Rios, this haven provides a fantastic breath of fresh air and exquisite scenery with the chance to dive into beautiful pristine water and feel the vibrant water from the water fall on your back.

Free Time

Of course, no holiday is complete without the opportunity to experience popular attractions. Dunns River maybe? Dolphin Cove? Or how about Mystic Mountain? This trip has some free time allocated for guests to go out and explore some of the main attractions on the Island. We have drivers who have set prices to take you where you want to go. Whether it be to visit a theme park or just to experience the hustle and bustle of the local market to buy souvenirs. Whatever the choice we’ve got you covered.





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